Toys Talking


toys talking
particular books, 2016
42 pages

Leanne Shapton explores the inner life of children's toys. Designed to appeal to the very youngest readers, penguins, panda bears, stuffed dogs, and cuddly cats reflect on jokes, consider the weather, and long for tomorrow to come.

"I love it completely. Toys Talking is the only book which both I and my eleven-month-old daughter agree is a masterpiece — she thinks it is a delightful series of candy-colored toy portraits; I think it is unbearably poignant. A children's book for adults, or an adult book for children! Nothing else I know of more accurately describes the strange mêlée of feelings that we call, for convenience, a family." - Adam Thirlwell

"This is a book created out of the rich emotional landscape of parenthood... Toys Talking is that category of book you'll read aged three, that betrays deeper layers when you reread it aged 20. It possesses a knowing humour which, years later and all grown-up, will finally make you laugh out loud." - Oh Comely